The Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The subject of homework has been a contentious topic. People have divided opinions when it comes to school assignments. While some believe that it reinforces what the tutor teaches in class, some believe that it takes away time which the learner would be spending with their family.

Below we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of homework. We seek to understand whether school assignments are necessary stress for students.

Advantages of Homework

  1. Time Management

Homework is more than getting the tasks completed. It is a good way of teaching the learner as well as the parents, the skill of time management. A good schedule will ensure that the learner completes tasks on time. Sound decision-making abilities come in handy here. Creating an effective program helps the student improve their independent thinking skills. They also enhance the skill of problem-solving. 

  1. Discipline of Repetition

Practice makes perfect. Doing the same thing time after time can get to be tedious. Yet, it is an excellent way of emphasizing discipline. Repeating a skill time and again makes you a master of it. As students do their assignments every day, the concepts of the topics become clear.

  1. Parent-Child Bond

When parents help their children with assignments, it is an opportunity for them to bond. They can assist with difficult subjects. They may also help the students in creating effective schedules.

  1. Increasing Time for Learning

The assigned time for each subject in school is not enough. It may not be enough for the learner to understand all the concepts. Tutors create assignments that target specific topics. They help the learner to learn more about the general subject.

  1. Moderates Screen Time

Students in the United States spend an average of three to four hours in front of a screen. That is on a typical school night. During the holidays the number doubles. School assignments inspire healthier study routines for students. 

Disadvantages of Homework

  1. Inactive Lifestyle

Children need to be active physically to enhance growth and development. When they have too much school work to do, they spend most of their time sited. Inactivity is a known cause of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and heart diseases. 

  1. Working Environment

Students need a conducive environment for them to have useful studies. Some parents have invested well in this; some have hired private tutors for their children, while others have put up study stations for the students. However, not all parents have the capacity to do so. That means the students may lack equal opportunities. 

  1. Enhancing Homework is Hard

Assignments need the learner to put in the effort, but not all students are willing to do so. It is not easy to force determination into a student.

  1. Homework Does Not Always Result in Good Grades

The proof that homework has a positive influence on a student’s grade does not exist. Research has always shown that homework is one of the reasons why students dislike school. Homework can be if help where a student is struggling with some topics. But from a general point of view, it doesn’t contribute much to the student’s grades.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that the excellence of the assignments is key to the success of the student. The parents and teachers should find common ground for this to happen. One way of doing this is by discussing these different points of view, another one – allowing children to get proper homework help when they need it. can become one of the most commonly used sources of assistance for students.

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