How to cheat on your homework assignment

At times, it is easy not to complete precalculus homework assignments. A growing majority of University students cheat on their homework assignments. So, instead of foolishly copying your colloquies homework assignments, you can be smart in your cheating. It is about cheating in your homework assignment in an intelligent way in such areas as reading, mathematics, and even essay writing.

Cheating on short-answer or mathematics homework

Copying answers from friends: The quickest and easiest way to cheat on multiple-choice questions, short answers, or mathematics problems is to copy answers from someone who understands the task. Be friends with the smartest children in your class who do their assignments correctly. 

Work out the solution with a group: To do the assignment quickly, work in a group where everyone contributes, this ensures that everybody gets the correct answers. You can do it on the bus while on your way home or in one of the students’ homes. To ensure that you do assignments faster, divide the tasks amongst the group members.

Modify the phrasing of your assignment solutions: When you copy from a friend, regardless of the nature of the assignment, try to modify the wording to some solutions or modify your solutions completely to evade suspicion. To be a little more covert, copy your answers from someone you are not very close to.

Search answers from the internet: If assignments are repetitions, then somehow the answers could be on the internet, then a simple search from your preferred search engine will yield clues.

Deliberately make some answers wrong: If you are an average student, then it will raise suspicions if you submit an assignment with correct answers. Therefore, to be smart, get some of your answers wrong, and this will not raise suspicion from your teacher, and you will go unnoticed.

Reading fast

Read the last and first sentence of every paragraph: If your task is to read a novel or a textbook, then be smart and learn a fast a possible by reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph. However, you will miss a lot, but you will grasp the key ideas and scope of the book you are reading.

Read each chapter summary only: Reading each chapter summary is not cheating but smart reading. The majority of the chapters have short reviews that can give you a glimpse of the entire section. In addition to the chapter summary, you will get a list of terminology words together with sample questions.

Divide the reading with friends: Join hands with friends, divide the text into sections, and then compare notes after that.

Watch a movie: If the book you intend to read has a video or play on its title, then better watch the film. As you watch, remember to take some summary notes.

Cheating on essays

Be friends to old siblings or students with articles: Navigating essays and papers are dangerous, tempting, and difficult like climbing Mt. Everest. The best way around this is to identify an old student, sibling, or even neighbor who might have copies of the same assignment.

Interpret sentences to your own words: If you cease a copy on an essay, make an effort to translate it into your own words for ease of understanding.

Understand the topic: As you go through an essay, ensure you understand what it is talking about and that everything flows.

Follow assignment instructions: As you provide a solution to the essay question, make sure you understand and follow the instructions.

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