Homework: is it Helpful or Harmful?

Homework is an assignment given by teachers to their students completed after the regular class period. It is a debate topic between students and their parents often being on opposite sides. Different schools have in place various policies about homework. Also, teachers’ opinions differ on how much homework learners should do. Teachers also debate on whether to encourage parents to help and if to grade homework or not.

Benefits of Homework

For skill, more practice is essential. Homework helps in the development of students’ abilities. It helps them understand classwork better. It is crucial to understand why a student has not finished their homework. It might mean they did not understand classwork well.

Some parents support the motion of children doing homework. Jane Wallace, the CEO of Green-Wood School, says that classwork application in homework is easy if learning and teaching are effective.  Parents have noticed their kids struggle with their homework. Most especially younger kids who are learning how to read. With time, children get more confident with school work.

Detriments of Homework

The author Alfie Kohn is a critic of homework. He states that it causes frustration, family conflicts, and less or no time for hobbies. It also results in exhaustion and a bad attitude towards learning. He also insists that homework kills the kid’s curiosity.

The author goes ahead to say that. All the research done on elementary school homework has always given disadvantages to homework. He believes that there’s no gain in giving students homework but rather more pain. Also, that homework builds on a student’s work habit, self-discipline, and independence is an assumption, according to him.

The CEO of Green-Wood School Jane Wallace differs. He says that increasing homework gradually from grade to grade helps in the development of essential skills. Such skills are responsibility and time management.

Parents Contribution

Parents come in handy when the child tries to strike a home and school-life balance. Good management of time and organization increases the student’s productivity and success. Parents need to watch their children make sure they are not overwhelmed.  Parents should also go through the policies put in place about homework issues. In case the work is too much, the parent has the right to speak out.

Most parents look at the amount of work the children do. It is important to check the quality of the homework too. Homework should be educative and exciting at the same time. Relevance, according to the child’s grade, is very crucial.

Parents’ involvement in their children’s well-being, intellectual and emotional development is essential. Parents can ask teachers for pardon on behalf of their children. In case the child is unable to finish the homework due busy or stressful night, the parent should come in.

Giving children a helping hand and letting them to buy assignments online is good. But parents should not do the homework for children when professional help is available online. A little guidance is enough. But, some parents might be good at all subjects while others are not. In such a case, students can approach the teachers for help or use online resources.


Homework helps students improve their learning skills outside class. Most teachers try their best not to overwhelm students while the parents play a significant role too. No parent wants to see their children frustrated or depressed because of homework. Parents and teachers should always communicate. When they notice a student struggling with their homework, they should reach out.

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