Ban of homework in schools?

Whether schools should ban homework or not has put many institutions and the government in Limbo. According to various statistics and research, teachers give their students too much homework. Two hours or more for a student to spend after eight hours in school hunched above their study areas to complete homework is a little too much. Don’t you agree? In this paper, we discuss why banning homework is the right thing to do and the reasons to have at most 30 minutes of homework per day. Many articles and movements across the country and abroad believe that today’s students receive too much homework in education history. Is it because of the increasing educational content? Is it just the tutor’s ignorance? Is it related to a demanding parent? It may be, it maybe not. Let us consider the following points then decide whether to ban homework or not:

  1. Failing in exams.

 Perhaps after we ban homework, students will get good grades in their examinations. Hear this out: if students spend an extended amount of time doing homework, they get distracted easily in their academics, leading to deteriorating grades.

  1. Loss of social life.

Confining a student in their rooms to work on homework also means they don’t spend more time doing what they love, such as playing video games or going to the movies. Teachers owe kids this freedom by reducing the amount of homework they assign to them.

  1. Mental health deterioration.

Mental health and well-being are essential to absorb knowledge for students. However, teachers have ignored this fact for a long time. If a student develops a negative attitude towards school because of too much homework, they will not progress academically.

  1. Support deficiency.

An average of 70% of parents and guardians may not find time to help their kids with their homework. This lack of help when a student faces challenges when doing homework makes them opt for online help. To choose the best assistance, visit RankMyService and read some fair reviews to make a weighted choice.

  1. Irrelevant content.

If whatever teachers give students as homework doesn’t relate to that day’s topic, then we should ban homework. It does not make any sense to give students assignments on vectors if the day’s theme was matrices. 

  1. Learner’s Perception of things.

Is it okay if we ban homework in schools? Why? If your response was yes, it’s probably because you are from the school of thought that suggests homework isn’t the key to unlock each child’s education potential.

  1. Additional challenges.

In high schools or colleges, many students engage in other activities after school. They include internships, working extra shifts, running a business, or helping out at home. If teachers add homework to their already busy schedule, they may end up not doing it or do it half-heartedly.

  1. Different effects of writing.

Writing a research paper, most of the time, is challenging for many students. They often fail in that particular unit or subject while their teachers do nothing much to help. As a remedy, they may hire someone to do the work for them and hand it in and fool their tutors.

  1. Negligible impact on performance.

Research indicates little to no impact of too much homework on elevating a student’s performance. On the contrary, it may deteriorate a student’s performance.

  1. It’s a challenge to enforce homework.

Well, performing students academically may not give much attention to homework as they already see themselves as intelligent. They may see homework as a waste of time.


Now, don’t misquote this article. Homework has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether or not you think reforms concerning homework is essential depends on you.

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